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Carbon Logic

Quality, consistency and scalability

Carbon Logic products are derived from a variety of biomass and formulated with a proprietary blend of plant derived nutrients and minerals to enhance the growth of crops. Our patented technology allows us to process a wide variety of feedstocks, including those with high silica content, allowing us to Engineer ideal formulations for specific crops. Our automated, continuous flow system maintains narrow operational parameters ensuring unprecedented product consistency.

Carbon Logic has consistently demonstrated yields in excess of 20%, while improving overall quality, across a large variety of crops and plants. For more details, visit us at

Rapid Starter

  • Accelerated root development
  • Enhanced microbial activity
  • Improved soil productivity
  • Water retention


High Growth

  • Increased yield
  • Enhance microbial activity
  • Improved plant vitality
  • Water & nutrient availability


ryegrass straw
thermomechanical pulp
ryegrass TAILINGS
Wood Biochar
Russian thistle

Carbon Logic biochar

Not all biochar is created equal.

In physical terms, biochar is simply the charred remains formed when plant material is heated in an oxygen free environment–a process scientists call “pyrolysis.” Unlike charcoal which is very similar, biochar is created specifically to improve soil structure and enhance crop productivity.

how it works

Carbon Logic Value

  • Improves soil structure
  • Enhanced microbial activity
  • Reduces water utilization
  • Optimizes Nutrients
  • Bigger, better crops

A scientific approach to crop residue derived Biochar

Bigger, healthier yields without sacrificing quality and taste.

Our Results

  • Significantly increases crop yields
  • Improve the quality and color of crops
  • Biochar derived from crop residue produces better yield results than wood-based biochar

Process & Efficiency

Variations in process can impact the effectiveness of biochar: Feedstock type (biomass: crops, wood, etc), Temperature, Dwell time, Amount of oxygen and water






Loma Lettuce


Mascara Lettuce


Oakley Red Lettuce

Yield Improvement of organic crops
2020 Field Trials Using Carbon Logic Biochar

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Cannabis Yield Increase
Customer results

Waste Management

Ag Energy’s fully automated and portable IBP can process any dry, homogenous, cellulosic biomass.

Energy Development

Syngas is a blend of combustible gases that can be used as a fuel or further refined to create pure hydrogen.

Soil Products

Ag Energy biochar is a high-quality activated charcoal which yields significant benefits to crops.

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I was able to increase the number of viable clones produced when rooting in a coco mix amended with Carbon Logic.

-Chris P, Monkey Grass Farms

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My plant grew bigger, faster with Carbon Logic. The stalk and stems were stronger and the plant grown with Carbon Logic yielded over 30% more than the plant grown without. I’ll be using Carbon Logic to grow all my plants.

-Chris H, Grower for 12 years

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I have seen a strengthening in stock and stem, roots on my clones up to 48 hours faster, a healthier root zone when transplanting, and most importantly a 20% yield increase.

-Josh S, Spokane, WA

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Game Changer!

-Clint Z, Zoobees Doobies

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