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our story

Founded in 2010 in Spokane, Washington, Ag Energy Solutions is a privately held clean-technology company focused on converting agricultural waste into high value natural soil amendment products branded “Carbon Logic”. Ag Energy’s core technology combines time-proven gasification technologies with modern, automated control systems to convert agricultural waste into carbon and minerals. Ag Energy’s fully automated gasification system can process most dry, homogenous, cellulosic biomasses; each of which produce a material with unique properties.

The patented system utilizes unique algorithms and continuous feed to ensure consistent production parameters, (flow rate & temperature) creating a consistent, high quality product. The Carbon Logic product line is being developed by blending several biomasses and other plant derived minerals to create ideal supplements custom designed for each crop to provide significant yield and quality improvements.


Our mission is to help do our part to change the world by cleanly and efficiently processing biomass, sequestering carbon, creating clean energy, improving crop yields, and increasing crop water utilization.

The Ag Energy Biomass Processing Unit (BPU):

  • Cleanly eliminates ag (biomass) waste
  • Designed for high silica field residue to produce unique biochar derived from crop residue
  • Controlled parameters to get consistent product every time
  • Deployable, portable and scalable to meet demand
  • Fully autonomous, continuous feed gasification system
  • Eliminates waste and produces clean, renewable energy
  • Designed for high volume biomass processing
  • Three US patents

rooted in science

Waste biomass generated by the agricultural industry poses a pervasive and costly problem. In the last 50 years, production has nearly doubled, leading to increased field, and post processing residue. At the same time, environmental regulations prevent the burning of this material. This waste biomass is costly to transport and there is a very low demand for the material. The patented and movable IBP creates value from a waste stream while providing global environmental benefits. With Ag Energy Solutions, harvesting residue yields returns!

Eliminates Agricultural Waste

Multiple Biomass Sources

Reduced Green House Emissions

Produces Biochar, a charcoal-like substance

Increases Crop Yields & Sequesters Carbon


Ag Energy’s core technology combines time-proven gasification technologies with modern automated control systems to convert agricultural waste into a valuable carbonous material and syngas. Ag Energy’s fully automated and movable gasifier can process many dry, homogeneous, cellulosic biomasses. The technology is a ruggedized and portable system manufactured in Spokane, WA. It is designed for flexibility and housed in a 20’ shipping container that can be easily located.

Depending on the customer’s application, it is installed alongside various input and output modules. The input modules are determined by the type of biomass that is being converted while the output module is determined by the economic value of syngas and carbonous material. The currently configured installation pairs the gasifier with a Meyer feed wagon, modified to provide continuous supply of feedstock to the gasifier for the primary purpose of producing a commercial soil amendment. Additional modules such as shredders and dryers may be required to process grass straws, woody biomass, animal waste, nut shells, grape pomace, and other agricultural waste streams.

Multiple sources of biomass can be processed


  • Remote operation via cellular network
  • Continuous monitoring of process temperatures, pressures, and flow rates
  • Fault detection and mitigation
  • Automated Shutdown


  • Fully ruggedized, mounted in a 20’ shipping container
  • Movable from four standard lift and four standard jack points
  • Customizable to each user’s unique biomass waste and energy needs


  • Continuous feedstock supply to provide up to 4 days unattended operation
  • Automated biochar offloading for storage
  • Standard connections to make installation simple
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I was able to increase the number of viable clones produced when rooting in a coco mix amended with Carbon Logic.

-Chris P, Monkey Grass Farms

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My plant grew bigger, faster with Carbon Logic. The stalk and stems were stronger and the plant grown with Carbon Logic yielded over 30% more than the plant grown without. I’ll be using Carbon Logic to grow all my plants.

-Chris H, Grower for 12 years

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I have seen a strengthening in stock and stem, roots on my clones up to 48 hours faster, a healthier root zone when transplanting, and most importantly a 20% yield increase.

-Josh S, Spokane, WA

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Game Changer!

-Clint Z, Zoobees Doobies

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